Facts About Thymuskin Shampoo?

Answer ThymuSkin shampoo, along with other hair-care products, has been purported to prevent and stop baldness, and has a growing following in Europe, as well as North America. However, while some see Thy... Read More »

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How to Use ThymuSkin?

ThymuSkin is a line of hair care products that claims to reduce hair loss in men and women. The active ingredient in these hair care products is a synthetic thymus peptide originally derived from t... Read More »

Is Thymuskin guaranteed?

The Thymuskin Company offers a price guarantee stating that if competitors sell their own product for less, Thymuskin will meet the competitors' price. While there are no statements regarding a mon... Read More »

About Car Shampoo?

There are several different car wash products that are labeled "car shampoo." Some of these products are for washing the outside of your vehicle, and some of them are for washing the upholstery ins... Read More »

About Shampoo?

Shampoo is a hair care product that can be applied daily to hair while in the shower or bath. Although it can keep hair healthy and clean, it should be used sparingly and thoroughly rinsed out. The... Read More »