Facts About Quarks?

Answer Quarks are elementary particles, which means no smaller amount of matter is believed to make them up. Quarks are so small that they have never been identified individually; however, all theoretical... Read More »

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How many quarks are in a proton?

Protons, electrically positive, are thought to be made up of three quarks--two up quarks and one down quark. The up=type quarks each have an electrical charge of + 2/3 times the proton charge, and ... Read More »

Who invented quarks?

Murray Gell-Mann, a professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, discovered the quark, a subatomic particle, in 1974. Gell-Mann took its name from a poem in "Finnegans Wake" by J... Read More »

How many quarks are there in each neutron?

Each neutron has three quarks: one 'up' quark and two 'down' quarks. Quarks are elementary particles that make up neutrons and protons--the building blocks of matter. There are six types (flavors) ... Read More »

Do electrons have quarks?

Quarks are fundamental particles that make up protons and neutrons, the components of an atomic nucleus. An electron is an elementary particle that orbits around the nucleus. Since quarks reside in... Read More »