Facts About Naval Piercings?

Answer Navel piercing is a form of self-expression that has become fairly common. A piece of jewelry usually passes through the lip of the navel and through the center. A navel piercing requires special c... Read More »

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Rules for Naval Piercings?

Navel piercing is often referred to as "belly-button piercing." While this body adornment can be highly erotic and trendy, it's not for everyone. From body type to cleaning and contact, there are s... Read More »

Care for Naval Piercings?

Navel piercings are body piercings that are also known as belly button piercings. This type of piercing can take a while to heal because it is located on the major bend on the body. Clothing can ... Read More »

Types of Naval Piercings?

There are many types and styles of naval piercings, but the shape of the naval can limit the type of piercing possible. There are "innie" and "outtie" piercings, which may or may not work for every... Read More »

Facts on Nose Piercings?

Next to the ear, the nose is the most popular part of the body to have pierced. Nose piercings add a touch of personal style to the wearer and can accentuate the nose. Piercings of this type can be... Read More »