Facts About Natural Redheads?

Answer There are fewer than 4 percent of redheads in the world and more redheads are found in the United Kingdom than the United States, according to Marion Roach, author of "The Roots of Desire: The Myth... Read More »

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Hair Coloring Styles for Natural Redheads?

All shades of red hair are eye-catching. If you are lucky enough to have naturally ginger locks, there is no reason to dye it an entirely different color. If you are bored with your look, sprucing ... Read More »

Facts on Avalanche Natural Disasters?

When snow starts sliding from a mountain face, the momentum can create an avalanche. Victims of this natural disaster rarely outrun the danger, as the slabs of snow can travel up to 80 miles an hou... Read More »

Natural Hair Growth Facts?

Hair growth takes patience. There are many myths about how to make hair grow faster, but the truth is, hair grows at the same rate for almost every individual. Does this Spark an idea?

Facts on Natural Hair Changing Color?

Hair is one the most sensitive parts of the body--it reacts to changes in mood, environment and lifestyle. Most people will experience a change in their hair color when they are children and again ... Read More »