Facts About Horse Slaughter in the United States?

Answer Horse meat is considered a delicacy and consumed by countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and Japan. U.S. horses are slaughtered and their meat is shipped to Europe and Asia. In 2007, the two st... Read More »

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What are 3 facts about the United States coast guard?

Separation in the military (used to be) SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). The US military is not "as military" as it used to be; it's nearly half law enforcement and half the Coast... Read More »

Facts on Recycling in the United States?

Recycling is becoming more important as humans begin to use up the Earth's natural resources. Aluminum, plastic, glass and paper are four of the main materials that need to be recycled more in the ... Read More »

United States of America Flag Facts?

The American flag is a globally recognized symbol. With such publicity, it may be hard to believe no one is entirely sure who designed or sewed the first flag of the United States of America. Congr... Read More »

Facts About Horse Manure?

Horses have been used by mankind for thousands of years, as workers, transportation, food and in times of war. The inextricable thing about owning horses is dealing with the large amount of manure ... Read More »