Facts About Gatorade?

Answer Gatorade is a sports drink that can benefit anyone, athlete or not, who is experiencing a loss of essential nutrients such as electrolytes and carbohydrates. The sweet, fruity drink has been popula... Read More »

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For colonoscopy prep I was told you drink miralax and Gatorade for electrolytes, alternatives to Gatorade?

Pedialyte for kids (at most drug stores) comes in freezie form or juice that tastes good and is jammed packed with electrolytes... I'd try that before coconut since u want as much electrolytes as p... Read More »

What is the pH of Gatorade?

According to "Sports Injury Bulletin," the popular sports drink Gatorade has a pH value of 3.3, making it acidic. Another study notes that after 15 tests using pH strips and pH meters, the results ... Read More »

Gatorade or Powerade?

Which one: Gatorade or Water?

waterGatorade makes you fat and rots your teeth.