Facts About Eels for Kids?

Answer Eels are animals that live in the water and look a lot like snakes. However, eels are not snakes, but are actually a type of fish. There are more than 700 different kinds, or species, of eels. Like... Read More »

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Facts About Zebras for Kids?

Zebras are mammals that belong to the horse family. They are similar to horses in many ways, except for their trademark black and white stripes. Are zebras white with black stripes, or black with w... Read More »

Facts About Pollution for Kids?

A vast and complex subject, the effects of pollution can be seen in the environment. Discussing information and facts about pollution can help kids understand what's happening to the planet and the... Read More »

Facts for Kids About Oak Trees?

More than 600 species of oak trees exist throughout the world. Each type of oak has specific distinguishing factors, including leaves of different shapes, barks of various textures and leaves that ... Read More »

Easy Facts About the Sun for Kids?

The sun is the source of all light, energy and heat in our solar system. Without it, our planet probably wouldn't be here, and we certainly wouldn't. Trying to explain the sun to children can induc... Read More »