Facts About Car Rims?

Answer The rims on a car are the metal plates between the rubber tire and the wheel. Many automobile owners will customize rims, using them to give the car added prestige and a personalized feel.

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How to Change From 17 Inch Rims to 16 Inch Rims?

Wheels are one of the most defining aspects of a car's or truck's appearance. They are also available in a variety of sizes, from as small as 13 inches to as large as 21 inches and even larger. Oft... Read More »

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How to Take Off Rims?

Taking the rims off your car or truck is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. You will have to remove the rims and tires whenever you rotate your tires, as well as anytime you want to replace t... Read More »

The Best 22 Rims?

Rims are the structural part of a car's tire that is designed in a cylindrical, metal shape. The best rims improve a car's steering capabilities and traction on the road. Many car enthusiasts purch... Read More »