Facts About Black Hair Care & Growth?

Answer The first fact about black hair care and hair growth is that no two African-Americans have the same type of hair. However, most African-Americans' hair grows about one quarter of an inch a month. G... Read More »

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Black Hair Care Growth?

When it comes to black hair growth, the natural texture often prevents you from seeing its true length. Keeping you hair healthy with good styling practices and gentle daily care is critical to bla... Read More »

Black Hair Care Facts?

Black hair has three general types: wavy, curly and kinky. Each type requires specific treatment and care in order to maintain its health and appearance. Once you have determined which type of hair... Read More »

Natural Hair Growth Facts?

Hair growth takes patience. There are many myths about how to make hair grow faster, but the truth is, hair grows at the same rate for almost every individual. Does this Spark an idea?

Facts on Superfluous Hair Growth?

There are certain parts of the body where hair does not usually grow. Yet some people continue to sprout hair in these usually bare areas. Hair of this nature can be considered superfluous. Both me... Read More »