Facts About Balancing & Truing Automobile Tires?

Answer In order for your car to get optimum performance and gas mileage, as well as a comfortable ride, your tires have to properly balanced and trued.

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Is wheel balancing needed when the tires are rotated?

Wheel balancing is not necessary every time your tires are rotated. However, it is mandatory anytime a tire is removed and remounted to a rim. A properly balanced wheel provides a smoother ride by ... Read More »

How long do automobile tires last?

Automobile tire longevity can vary greatly between vehicles, brands, and driving conditions. Cheap tires, improperly inflated and driven hard, might last under 30,000 miles, while quality tires wit... Read More »

How Are Automobile Tires Made?

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How to Rotate Tires on an Automobile?

General maintenance of an automobile includes rotating the tires on a periodic basis. The front tires are responsible for steering the vehicle and, in front wheel drive models, for supplying power.... Read More »