Facts About Autocratics?

Answer Autocracy is a utopian ideal (meaning that it exists as a theory) referring to a style of government in which all power extends from a single individual. The term also applies to real-world governi... Read More »

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3 Facts About the Sun?

The sun is at the center of the Earth's solar system. Scientific estimates place the age of this star around 4.6 billion years. The stellar classification of the sun is G2, which means it shares si... Read More »

Facts About TTY?

TTY is the acronym for TeleTYpewriter, a device used with a standard telephone. Also known as a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) and a Text Telephone, TTY is the most commonly used term... Read More »

Facts About Hairy Men?

Our hair follicles are sensitive to androgens, a hormone that effects hair growth. For men, androgens determine masculine characteristics including body hair. During puberty, androgenic hair growth... Read More »

Facts About Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia, now commonly known as the Czech Republic, was a largely industrialized Central European nation created in 1918 at the end of World War I. Multi-ethnic and multi-religious, the count... Read More »