Factory Vehicles That Have AMSOIL?

Answer AMSOIL is the first American Petroleum Institute rated synthetic motor oil. Preferred for jet engines, AMSOIL is now available for factory passenger cars and utility trucks. AMSOIL has a 3300 psi t... Read More »

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If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?

Answer Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into ... Read More »

HELP! My brand new Sony XB700 headphones have a STRONG "factory" smell from the earpads. Is that normal Thx?

sure, why not... it is actually very common for a brand new batch to smell of the factory, this means that they didnt sit on the shelf for too long before you bought them... i have xb 500s, they ha... Read More »

Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?

How to Use AMSOIL?

AMSOIL is a synthetic motor oil used in vehicles, and was the world's first synthetic motor oil to meet the American Petroleum Institute standards. Synthetic motor oil is man-made and is a superior... Read More »