Factors to Be Considered When Designing a Computer-Based Workstation?

Answer A computer workstation is different from an ordinary desk, in that it needs to incorporate space to store your computer hardware. By designing your own workstation, you can ensure that it meets you... Read More »

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For a workstation computer, which cpu is better?

Honestly between those two, and for what you are planning to use it for, go with the one you can afford. personally i'd go with the i5 2500k series. Why? Because the "k" series processors are made... Read More »

What is a Workstation Computer?

A workstation is a powerful business computer. Often, workstations have large amounts of memory, powerful processors and top-of-the-line video cards. Typical workstation uses include applications s... Read More »

How to Sit At a Computer Workstation?

The body mechanics of sitting at a computer workstation are very important. Proper posture allows you to work speedily and effectively at a computer workstation for hours every day. Poor posture, h... Read More »

Who invented the computer workstation?

The first computer workstation was the Xerox Alto. The Alto was created in 1973 by Ed McCreight, Butler Lampson, Bob Sproull, Chuck Thacker and Dave Boggs at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. Th... Read More »