Factors Which Affect Hair Growth?

Answer In general, hair grows a half-inch every month. Even so, there are factors that alter your hair growth, either stunting it, causing hair loss or assisting your hair in reaching its maximum growth. ... Read More »

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Factors That Affect Student Growth & Health?

For most school districts, a typical student population is not comprised of one type of student. Rather, it encompasses students from a wide population of social and economic backgrounds, all with ... Read More »

The Most Important Factors That Influence Hair Growth?

If you aren't healthy, your hair isn't going to be healthy and it probably won't grow the 1/2 inch each month that is standard. If you are taking certain medications, have a crummy diet, don't keep... Read More »

How do hormones affect hair growth?

Ample body hair growth is considered normal in men, but excess facial and/or body hair can be an embarrassing problem for women. Hormones influence hair growth in both sexes.Hair and HormonesHair f... Read More »

Does Temperature Affect the Growth of Hair?

Temperature can certainly affect your hair's health and appearance, whether it is living in a dry, cold climate or extended use of a hot curling iron. However, there is no clear-cut evidence that t... Read More »