Factors That Unify a Paragraph?

Answer In order to create a coherent essay, paragraphs need to be organized and unified. Without organization, paragraphs -- and ultimately an essay itself -- become unreadable. Paragraphs must be struct... Read More »

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How to Use Shape & Color to Unify Art?

Art projects are constructed using the elements of art and the principals of design. Shape and color are two elements of art. The other three are line, space and texture. Constructing an art projec... Read More »

Microsoft Word 2007 Help! What is the quickest way to move text from the first paragraph to the last paragraph?

Select/Highlight it, cut it, and paste it.

How to End the First Paragraph in a Five Paragraph Essay Outline?

The five paragraph essay is a classic format for composition writing. Though it is not the only format that can be used for writing an essay, it is a simple model of for you to consider using whil... Read More »

What are three factors that can affect the number of images that a camera can store?

One factor can be if the camera has a built in hard drive that you can choose for it save to, and how big it is. I have a camera with a built in one with 30 GB (giga bytes) and has around 5,000 pho... Read More »