Factors That Determine the Interest Rate of Banks?

Answer Banks charge various interest rates to customers. When a customer deposits money in a savings account or purchases a certificate of deposit, the bank will pay a rate of interest. Some of these rate... Read More »

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How do banks determine the prime rate?

The prime rate is a base rate that banks charge their best customers. The Wall Street Journal uses a survey process to help determine the prime rate. Individual banks help with the process based on... Read More »

What interest rate do the banks in your country pay for investment accounts?

for short-term accounts about 6-7%long-term accounts (a year) non-governmental banks around 15.25%Iranedit, check out this link. i'm not sure but i guess this will answer your question about the EU... Read More »

What is the role of banks in currency&interest rate swaps?

Banks play multiple roles in currency and interest rate swaps, depending on whom the swap is for and what its objectives are. These roles range from client service to proprietary trading.SwapsCurre... Read More »

Interest Rate Risk & Factors That Impact a Company?

Interest rate changes can alter how much a company has to pay in interest or how much it is getting paid in interest. This in turn affects its profits, expenses or both. Therefore, interest rate ri... Read More »