Factors That Affect Stock Prices?

Answer Stock prices are affected by many factors that can cause the value of the stock to rise or fall. The fluctuation in stock prices ultimately affects the buying and selling of stocks. Some factors th... Read More »

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How does a company affect stock prices?

The stock price of a company is determined by valuation models, usually including expected future cash flows and the amount of uncertainty in these expectations. Every decision that a company makes... Read More »

How Do Interest Rates Affect Stock Prices?

Interest rates are a tool used by the Federal Reserve Board to achieve stable economic growth. When the Fed changes interest rates, it affects the economy’s performance, including the performance... Read More »

Why do bond prices go up when stock prices fall?

Stocks and bonds are competing investments that attract different classes of investors. Because of corporate structure, bonds offer less risk, while stocks are associated with greater profit potent... Read More »

How do stock splits affect stock options?

Companies often grant stock options to employees as a reward for good work and to retain good people. A stock option is a "right" to buy the company's stock at a certain price. It is not an obligat... Read More »