Factors That Affect Listening Comprehension?

Answer English language learners often say listening is easier than speaking and they may be right to think that because listening is a receptive skill, not a production one. Listening involves factors th... Read More »

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Cognitive Factors That Affect Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension refers to the ability of a reader to construct meaning from text. Expected levels of reading comprehension vary throughout a reader's lifespan. When children first learn to re... Read More »

Listening & Comprehension Skills?

Listening and comprehension skills are divided into three main skill sets: top-down listening, bottom-up listening and metacognitive listening. Most people fall into either the top-down or bottom-u... Read More »

Kindergarten Listening Comprehension Activities?

Kindergarten may seem to be all play for kids, but through everyday fun activities, they take their first important lessons on topics they will meet again in elementary school. A basic skill that i... Read More »

How to Teach Listening Comprehension Activities?

To understand a lesson, students must be able hear and comprehend lectures, instructions and directions. In order to teach any subject, listening comprehension skills must be acquired to understand... Read More »