Factors Affecting Second Language Learning?

Answer Learning a second language is a complex brain activity that involves listening, speaking, reading and writing. According to linguistics expert Stephen Krashen, you can learn a second language in on... Read More »

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The Factors Affecting Foreign Language Learning?

Learning a foreign language has its benefits. Not only does it open up new possibilities in your career, but it also exposes you to a new cultural experience. If you are thinking about learning a n... Read More »

Factors Affecting Quality of English Language Teaching and Learning?

English is the international language of education, science, business, politics and culture. Accordingly, policy-makers all around the world make the teaching and learning of English in their count... Read More »

Factors in Learning a Foreign Language?

Many people are successful in learning a foreign language because they have a natural talent for it or they're hardworking and willing to learn. Nevertheless, there are factors that can't always be... Read More »

Factors Affecting Earthworms?

Earthworms are vital for the Earth's ecosystems, just as the honey bee is. The earthworm is important to man, because, without them, soil would not be broken down, and the ability to grow anything ... Read More »