Factors Affecting Primary Productivity?

Answer Primary production is responsible for most of the life on Earth. This is the process by which plants convert the carbon dioxide that they have absorbed from the atmosphere and ocean into various ot... Read More »

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Factors Affecting Primary Learners?

Primary learners are those individuals who have difficulty learning in a one-size-fits-all environment. They need differentiation in order to best receive and retain information that is presented b... Read More »

Primary Productivity of an Ecosystem?

The energy an eagle obtains when it eats a rodent cannot be fully attributed to the rodent. The plant life the rodent consumed throughout its life is the first source of available energy in the eco... Read More »

How to Calculate Net Primary Productivity?

Biologists use primary productivity, or primary production, to establish how efficiently plants convert carbon dioxide, water and light energy into glucose and oxygen through the process of photosy... Read More »

Factors Affecting Earthworms?

Earthworms are vital for the Earth's ecosystems, just as the honey bee is. The earthworm is important to man, because, without them, soil would not be broken down, and the ability to grow anything ... Read More »