Fact or Myth: It is true Bad weather can cause people have 'Migraine'?

Answer in my opinion i think it's true why? I used to have migraines when it would rain every single time it rained i'd tell my friend to go check outside to see if it was raining or not and each time it ... Read More »

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Can taking vitamin c supplements (500-1000mg) cause kidney stones Myth or Fact?

I think that is mostly fiction! However did you know that any kind of pepper like long green chile peppers have 6 times as much Vit C as one orange? I would rather have the peppers, either bell pep... Read More »

Do you believe the stories about aspartame are fact or myth Do you have facts available to back your answer?

Well consuming artificial chemicals does NOT really sound that good does it.The following film is excellent:…Interviews with real people who are really sic... Read More »

Is global warming a myth or fact?

Science is another makeshift echelon of the power structure that dominates and controls the entire world, just like its brother named religion, sister named politics, mother named corporations and ... Read More »

Fact or Myth: Big Feet equal big pen is?

myth. I've known guys with small feet who would surprise you.