Fact and Opinion Games for Kids?

Answer Teaching students the difference between fact and opinion is an example of a higher order thinking question that educators pose to students to encourage higher level thinking. Teachers do not have ... Read More »

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The Differences Between Fact & Opinion?

The line between fact and opinion can be somewhat confusing -- as sometimes the phrase, "That's just your opinion!" implies that the speaker is, in fact, incorrect. In actuality, the difference bet... Read More »

Question about Pinterest (Your opinion not a fact thing)?

I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but my inclination would be to break up any board with thousands of pins into multiple smaller boards with a more specific focus. If I like one of your bo... Read More »

Subtraction Fact Games?

Subtraction facts are introduced in first and second grade. The facts should be mastered by the time a student is in third grade. Students that need to learn their subtraction facts can play games... Read More »

Animal Fact Sheets for Kids?

Helping kids to learn about the natural and the animal world is important for their understanding of that world. Animal fact sheets for kids give a brief look at each animal's basic information. Th... Read More »