Fact: AIDS is stopped by a gene in some people. Where is the gene therapy for that...?

Answer Just because they can locate information on a gene doesn't mean that replacing it in a living person is that easy. It's not like you can do a cut and paste job on every living cell in your body, a... Read More »

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Who is the blonde girl in the Gene Simmons Family Jewels episode firefighter Gene?

What is the name of gene gene the dancing machine dance music?

Gene Gene danced to Jumpin at the Woodside by Count Basie

Is there a gene therapy available for galactosemia patients?

Galactosemia is a deficiency in the enzymes galactokinase or uridyl transferase, thereby affecting the synthesis and degradation of glycogen synthesis/galactose metabolism.At this point, there is n... Read More »

What is the bt gene?

The bt gene is engineered to be produced by plants. The gene creates the bacillus thuringiensis, or bt, virus, which kills some insects, according to Iowa State University.OriginThe bt gene was int... Read More »