Facebook: why can't I see all my wife's friends?

Answer Answer to question: They have probably changed their privacy settings so that only people who are friends with them can view their profile.To all you people dictating trust issues and the need for ... Read More »

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Can you lock your photos on facebook so your friends cant tag them?

No, Facebook now allows your friends to tag your pictures

Why suddenly on facebook , i can see 'facebook user' and i cant answer to this person anymore ?

If it says you can no longer message them, then yes.

How to hide my facebook birthday so people cant see it on the calender at the top right of facebook?

change your birthday too another date then near that date change it again

How can I stop my Facebook friends from interacting with my In Real Life friends?

I left Facebook long ago. I truly think it brings out the worst in people, prolonging the junior-high mentality into middle age, and beyond.How are you doing, Sips?Ah, you know me, being sweet and... Read More »