Facebook wall me please?

Answer as per my knowledge that update would not be there now..for safety block him will certainly remove that update

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Is it possible to remove all wall posts on a friends wall at once from facebook?

no, but the activity log makes it a little easier

Printer problemHELP!?

look on the manuel and find the serial number put it in internet conection and the internet will pick it up and conect it to your computer/laptop

How can I hide my "Wall-to-Wall" on facebook?

If you want to hide your wall to wall posts on facebook you click account on the top right corner. a drop down menu should appear and you click on privacy settings. at the bottom it says customize ... Read More »

How to Wall Paper My Facebook?

Facebook is the Web's most popular online social networking site. It allows you to connect with friends; post daily status updates; and list your personal information, such as educational backgroun... Read More »