Facebook users - What do you do when people you hardly know add you as a friend?

Answer my wish ..if it's a cutie whom i wanna know more ..i accept the request ..but if he/she is some annoying creature ..i ignore the request ..(i know ..mean me..)

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Regarding Facebook, Do you add people you don't know if they ask to be your friend?

No. I don't want to see random status updates and news feeds on people I don't know lol.

How do I de-friend people on FaceBook?

Go to their profile. You will see an "unfollow" button on their page. Click that, and they are no longer your friend. They won't know that you unfollowed them either, unless they check their friend... Read More »

What do people think when you friend request on Facebook?

Just add him! XD 37 mutual friends is kinda a lot and it won't seem awkward because it's Facebook ^-^

How do I add a facebook link onto my website, so people can add me as a friend?

Those links are what Facebook likes to call "Badges." Go to your profile. Scroll all the way to the bottom. On the lower left hand column you should see a link that says "Create Profile Badge." Cli... Read More »