Facebook situation need help?

Answer i think A unfriended B b4 deleting her/him

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Someone stold my ipod in situation need help?

HELP! I need legal advice for a ring worm situation at a preschool I work at.?

I would call your licensing agency and make an anonymous complaint. Then, keep the areas covered. Use plenty of whatever you need to cover the affected areas and frequently request more supplies ... Read More »

Females in your early 30's please be serious in answering my ques. I need your help in my situation.?

You may be having palpitations, which is generally defined as heartbeats that you are aware of because they feel like skipping, quivering, fluttering, flipflopping, or jumping. The following provi... Read More »

I need help with my new facebook page. Please help?

The person you want to have as admin has to like the page first. Then under insights, it should so the likes, and there should be a button that says "Make Admin".