Facebook shutting down June 15th?

Answer No they do this loads sometimes they'd en message to try and make everyone stop it even though it's not true it's just someone that thought it would b fun would b on the news2. They were on th... Read More »

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What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Monday June 15th. 2009?

CISNFM7am -Just a Dream7:15 - broilerBowie-You've Got to Talk to Me9am - Sissy's Songwork - boating10:15 - barbequeLunch - Sugarland2pm - Sold2:15 - cookout4:15 - supper5pm - The Last Saskatchewan ... Read More »

Facebook shutting down?

Facebook IS NOT shutting down. This is a ridiculous rumor.I personally vowed never to believe things that sound the slightest bit ridiculous unless I see it in a legitimate newspaper or hear it on ... Read More »

Is Facebook Really shutting down?

It's not true, it's a rumor that was created by mixing two different news, probably started by a satirical page.Facebook already responded to this rumor by saying that it's not true and that they a... Read More »

Is Facebook shutting down?

It better be a rumor because I cant see myself without facebook and Im not going back to myspace