Facebook security hoax?

Answer Its a hoax, trust me you'll know when Facebook is actually going to do to something like that.

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Facebook message- Hoax?

don't worry that's all just 100% pure BULL. someone was just bored and had no life, therefore decided to send a message in order to scare people. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is not stupid enou... Read More »

Facebook cartoon profile picture hoax or not?

I'm still looking into this. I've there are newscasts about it, but I'm trying to find credible information. I do want to point out though that 1) that "thatsnonesense" page that people have been u... Read More »

Bypass Facebook Security?

you Can Not Bypass Facebook Security you Have to Go Through with what there asking see if it Gives you any other Verifcation Methods if not than you Have to Go Through This

How to Check out a Hoax?

Hoaxes have been around for hundreds of years, and with the explosion of the Internet, there has been a huge increase in hoaxes. Some hoaxes are actually viruses that infect your computer if you cl... Read More »