Facebook search....very strange.?

Answer I just found this out and am quite unsure myself. My friend told me it's who "stalks" you the most (visits your profile the most), but part of me thinks FaceBook wouldn't do that due to privacy iss... Read More »

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Strange facebook glitch?

what list are you talking about? he doesnt get added to your block list until you actually block him

This man posted a video of my baby on Facebook. Would you say its strange?

You have every right to object to footage of your child being posted on Facebook. He should NOT have posted it without your express permission. You can quietly contact Facebook directly and ask the... Read More »

How to Be Strange?

Being strange is an art-form, so appreciate it. Doing this might help you lead an exodus to break the status quo.

Thats strange?

Its a goverment directive so that when the police raid your house they can smash the door in and run straight upsatirs and use the loo as they have been stuck in a van around the corner watching yo... Read More »