Facebook safe or unsafe?

Answer Facebook is safe and unsafe. when you add a friend ands they comfirm they are aloud to look at your profile.So if you add friends you know it would be safe.Tell that to your dad.Please vote my answ... Read More »

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Why do ppl think myspace is more unsafe than facebook.?

MySpace is better. People only get killed because they made a bad choice. They can make bad choices on Facebook, too. And a lot of times people complain that if someone gets killed and they just ha... Read More »

What is the safe time for unsafe intercourse to avoid pregnancy?

AnswerThis question has been answered several times....During your period is the safest. Next safest is no more than 5 days after the end of your period with each day past the end of your period be... Read More »

Is banking online safe and faster or unsafe and slower for people?

On One Hand: Online Banking is Safe and FastWith online banking, you can enter the address, account and payment information for a payee in advance. Once you've entered your payee information, you ... Read More »

How to Stay Safe During International Sports Games in Unsafe Cities or Countries?

It's not always possible to tell whether or not a country or region is about to fall under civil strife, terror attacks, or some form of criminal attention-seeking behavior aimed at marring an inte... Read More »