Facebook relationship?

Answer He can put the privacy settings of his relationshipi to 'only me' then only he will be able to see that he is in a relationship with you and no one else

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If someone's facebook status says "In a relationship" but it doesn't say with whom, is it a real relationship?

ya it just means they dont want anyone to know who their dating or the person there in a relationship with doesnt have a facebook.

On Facebook, what does "In An OPEN Relationship " mean?

An open relationship denotes a relationship (usually between two people) in which participants are free to have other partners; if the couple making this agreement are married, it is an open marria... Read More »

Facebook relationship request please help!!?

Relationship status on Facebook?

I will show you step by step on the computer:1) Go to Facebook. Be sure that you are logged in.2) Look at the upper right hand part of the screen. Click on your name. This will bring you to your Fa... Read More »