Facebook question important!!?

Answer Facebook doesn't allow people to track who views their profiles. Facebook applications, on the other hand, are unable to track anybody unless they have the consent of the viewer.Follow the source t... Read More »

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I have an important question about facebook!?

I don't think it is possible unless it is somehow coming up on a google search.

Makeup Question, IMPORTANT!?

What your parents are saying is NOT true. Between the ages of 11-14 I would only wear mascara and coverup. On special occasions I would wear blush or eyeshadow. Then after that I started to wear he... Read More »

How to Ask a Girl an Important Question on the Spot?

Just wanted to ask you if...How many times have you wanted to ask her something, but just put it off until it was too late?

I Just Got a New Phone. Important Question?

I know that when i got mine LG EnV they told me when i got it to run it dead and then charge it up! It is suppose to make the battery last longer!