Facebook question, easy points 2 u!!!?

Answer Untag yourself.Look below the picture. You should see un-tag as an option. It will be off of your facebook.

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Facebook question easy 10 points?

Ipod question easy one for 10 POINTS!!?

Yes, you can use the same computer. However, if you want to have different music, here's how to set up different libraries:While holding down the Shift button, click iTunes. A notice saying "Choo... Read More »

Hey simple question, easy points!?

I take in about 1000-1400 calories a day, due to the fact that I don't have a fixed meal routine. My schedule everyday varies so yup :) I do approximately 100 sit-ups everyday :) usually 35 at one ... Read More »

Chicken pox question easy 10 points?

Don't do it!! It will leave scars, like little pock marks. NOt to mention open the sores up to infection.Let them heal on their own