Facebook question, anyone knows why this thing keeps happening?

Answer Does it Say That your Blocked Or Does it Say Do you Know the Person if Either One of those appears than You cant Send that Person a Friend Request

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Could the same thing happen to me If it does will there be anything I could do to stop it happening?

everyone is different. although a condition could be carried in the genes i guess. im not a expert but stay strong, i delt ir be likely :)

Is getting paper-cut like injuries from Ice/cold equipment a thing It keeps happening! D:?

They can burn, hence the need to wear gloves. Sometimes ice can become jagged and sharp if it is scooped; naturally this can make cuts the same as something like a jagged stone can.

What is happening to facebook now!?

It's being redesigned by the Facebook team, a new chat bar is being added!Pick me for Best Answer! :p plz?

Trying to upload some more photo's on facebook, but nothing is happening?

Try using a different browser like Firefox or chrome.