Facebook question. If you block someone but you still have a mutual friend,?

Answer No, they should be completely invisible to you and vice versa.

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If I block someone on Facebook and we have a mutual friend. Can the blocked person see photos, comments, etc?

Anybody That you Block Will Not Be Able to See your photos or Comments But Anybody Who is Not Blocked Will be Able to See it

Why I don't have my friend on my friend list on facebook But I'm still subscribed to her?

It can be both. But it's most likely she deleted you.

If I block someone on facebook, can they still see what i post in a group that we are both in?

no, they cant, but everyone else in the group still can, and what people often do then is screen capture what you posted and then show the person you have blocked

If I POKE someone on facebook and then block them, will they still see that I poked them?

No they wont. If you block them, its like the other person never existed. Just move on, and dont worry about it :P