Facebook question. If you block someone but you still have a mutual friend,?

Answer No, they should be completely invisible to you and vice versa.

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If I block someone on Facebook and we have a mutual friend. Can the blocked person see photos, comments, etc?

Anybody That you Block Will Not Be Able to See your photos or Comments But Anybody Who is Not Blocked Will be Able to See it

How can people i dont know tag me on facebook, they are merely a mutual friend?

You need to adjust your privacy settings in Facebook. There is step-by-step on removing tags and updated your privacy details. Just note, people may try to put their own tags on photos if they thin... Read More »

How do you block a friend on facebook?

go to your prvacy settings and you should be able to type in their name and block :)Its under like near the log out linkIf you just delete them, if your profile is open they can still see your page... Read More »

How do I block a page (not a friend) on Facebook?

If these are pages that are randomly appearing on your FB wall, scroll your pointer to the right top corner of the post. An "X" will appear. Hit the X. It will then ask you why you want this hid... Read More »