Facebook profile visitors! has anyone else noticed that suddenly people on your friends list that are normally?

Answer it has nothing to do with them looking at your profileread this

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Is it true that the 9 people on your friends list on facebook are the latest to visit your profile?

I don't think so myself. I think it's more to do with chat and who you've messaged recently.

Is it true that the people listed under "friends" on facebook are the people that visited your profile last?

This list in any way does not depend on your friends' activity. I know that it sometimes includes those people which haven't opened their accounts for weeks together, so it'll be quite foolish to t... Read More »

On Facebook, why does the amount of mutual friends when you go view the list on the actual profile page?

no, it's not because they have their friends list hidden, it's because they either deactivated their account, or their account was suspended for breaking the rulesthe counts get all messed up then ... Read More »

How are the people that show up under your friends on your Facebook profile determined?

I think it could be the people that you are most interested in, you check out their page or respond to their posting, or maybe random friends. Hard to know for sure cause FB isn't saying.