Facebook privacy problem!?

Answer sure, just add them to your restricted list and they wont see your postsor, when you make a post, just use the audience selector to control who can see the post, and add them to your "hide this fro... Read More »

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Facebook Search Privacy?

it's a major abuse really. Most people don't expect their private details to be shared with anyone not of their choosing. Sort of doesn't surprise me though. I've never trusted facebook anyway.To t... Read More »

Facebook privacy settings?

go into your privacy settingscustomizeCan see Wall posts by friends >>> only mePlaces I check in to >>> only methat SHOULD solve your issue

Facebook privacy help?

No, you cant do that because Facebook currently doesn't provide such privacy options. If that page admin makes the post only to see the page likers then it wont show to your friends newsfeed.

Was my privacy invaded on facebook?

No you can't report whoever did this, there's no "Facebook Law" about sharing information which was shared openly by the original poster (you). Hate to break it to ya. Good luck!