Facebook or twitter Which one?

Answer facebook..

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Which one is better Twitter or Facebook?

both facebook and twitter have some pros and cons so we can't say that which one is better... it depends on you requirement... Some pros and cons or twitter and facebook..are given belowTwitter Pro... Read More »

Which one is better...Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook is better even though I have both and i prefer Facebook because you can message friends and you get a response 90% but Twitter you cant message you can just Tweet and there is a 50% chance... Read More »

Which for you Twitter,Myspace or Facebook?

Facebook. It's a tidy looking site, easy to navigate, and has a bit more mature audience than MySpace.Twitter will have its uses, perhaps in community alert systems. A town or city will sign up w... Read More »

Twitter or facebook, which do you prefer?

I personally prefer Twitter as it is basic and as you said, you can be random on it- whatever's on your mind you can just post without getting any comments from people on Facebook saying things abo... Read More »