Facebook or myspace or bebowhich one is betteru can only choose 1!?

Answer Facebook definitely......what the hay is Bebo?

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What to choose: Myspace or Facebook?

I use both, but Facebook has more features. However, at the rate MySpace is going, it'll keep copying Facebook and they'll evetually be somewhat on the same level. Both are good for blogging, only ... Read More »

How to Synchronize Your Facebook Status and Twitter Using Only Facebook Apps?

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What mermaid spell only works on full moon you can choose your color tail and you can choose your power?

Honestly, mermaids don't exist. If you want to become a mermaid your only shot is going to the costume store. Hey, at least you get to pick the color of your tail lolBTW the spell is:1. go jump i... Read More »

Facebook VS. Myspace?

Facebook houses far less rapists than Myspace, and is much more private. The interfaces are better and it is easier to use once you get the hang on it. It also has the feature to site how you know ... Read More »