Facebook or Myspace which is really better?

Answer Absolutely luuvv Mysapce!!!

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Which is better - Myspace or Facebook?

I prefer Myspace. Perhaps it's just because I'm more familiar with it, but it seem easier to embed more interesting (customizable) content in a Myspace profile than in facebook. Also there are pr... Read More »

Which is better facebook or myspace?

Personally, they're both great places to network with friends and family socially. But I see facebook as a better site because of it's purity, features and most of my friends have it. Facebook is f... Read More »


It all depends on you.1. How many more friends do you have on either site? 2. Do you like to have the ability to customize your page however you want, or do you like a nice clean profile?3. Ease of... Read More »

Which is better, MySpace or Facebook?

I used to love MySpace, and hate Facebook... but now it's the exact opposite. Facebook is so much easier and more fun to be on, and MySpace has gotten so old. Barely any of my friends go on religio... Read More »