Facebook notifications don't work on my iPad Mini. Help?

Answer depends on your ipad settings and if you facebook is open in oder computer cellphone you wont be abke to het notifications in your 2 divice... like you ipad.

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Do beats studio work only in the studio or can you use it on electronics like I have an iPad mini it work?

Studio is just the model. You can use them anywhere, and if fact probably do not want to show up in a real recording studio with them.

My school blocks facebook and the proxy websites dont work help me out please!!!!!!!?

You don't, Use school computers for school work. Facebook will have to wait until you get home from school. You will be in violation of school computer usage policy your putting yourself at risk of... Read More »

How to Clear Notifications on Facebook?

Knowing everything that your friends are doing at every given moment is a marvel of the technological age. It can also be very frustrating, if you are receiving a flood of notifications via email a... Read More »

Group Notifications on Facebook?

if you turn off notifications you will not be notified but if your friends tags a photo from group you will notified it