Facebook not working (10th August 2011)?

Answer Nope, mines isn't working. Tried everything, iPod, computer, BlackBerry.It just started working for me again! - 11:00PM (Eastern)B.

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Is facebook down August 10, 2011?

Yea same here...I logged out to log back in because it was acting weird then it wouldn't let me back in, its been like that for almost 2 hours now /:

Facebook problem august 10,2011?

I can't get facebook either. uggh ! i googled to see if it was my pc and came across an article about someone trying to take down facebook-check it out here- Read More »

What happened on Hollywood heights on Friday August 10th?

Well Chloe Made This Big scene At The restaurant , Loren Accidently droppen whine on chloe she went home , after that , Chloes mum tried calling Tyler ,but he was busy and didn't care. Eddie was su... Read More »

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