Facebook my Picture like Obama's?

Answer yeah is so awesome!

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Do you like this picture for Facebook default?

It's a really cute picture. But I think you could take a better one. But hey whatever floats your boat!!

How do i set facebook settings so anyone can like my profile picture?

it depends on how old you are - are you over 18?

If you like a picture on facebook and then immediatley unlike it does the person still get the notification?

I am not sure if a really really really immediate unlike action from a like action will still prompt a notification but in my experience, I received a notificaion that someone liked my post then su... Read More »

Why isn't my Business Page facebook profile picture showing up when I like another page?

When you Set a Picture as a Display Picture Technically it Should Show up Everyone on the Site Since you Said its Not Try Removing it and Readding it as a Display picture if that Doesint Work its a... Read More »