Facebook, love it or hate it?

Answer I only use it for looking at friends photos. I can't remember the last time I actually talked to someone on there. I do find it sad that people talk on there all day every day, people just don't li... Read More »

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Love or hate the new timeline look on Facebook?

I have seen other people's timelines, and it seems like a waste of time. I honestly like the original way better and I have kept my profile as such. I think it sounds really good on paper, but it... Read More »

How to Love What You Hate?

Life is perfect if everything is lovable. However, there are things you really hate. Maybe it is the bad things; maybe it doesn’t fit to your values. Whatever it is, when you hate it, you will fe... Read More »

How to Not Hate Love?

Do you hate love? When you see happy couples are you bitter, how about those chick flicks where love always seems to work out? This article will show you how to not hate love.

Sprouts, do you love them or hate them?

The best are still on the stalk, steamed with bacon