Facebook keeps making me crop profile pictures?

Answer Just go to your profile and hover over your profile picture and it will say change profile picture or something like that. So click that and click upload photo and just upload the picture from your... Read More »

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How to Crop a Panorama Picture for Your Facebook Profile on

Panorama Profile on FacebookThe latest changes in Facebook's interface included a new five picture strip at the top of the profile page. This strip shows the latest pictures in which you were tagge... Read More »

How to do i set a picture to my profile picture on facebook...WITHOUT having to crop it into a smaller iamge?

you HAVE TO crop it into a square - there is no way around it

How to Reinstate the Profile Pictures Row in Facebook?

Why have one Facebook profile picture when you can have six? Such is the rationale behind Facebook Photostream, which displays a row of up to five selected pictures at the top of your main Facebook... Read More »

How to have many likes in facebook profile pictures?

Well you can tag yourself in your profile picture like an hour after you upload so it appears on the home page.You could also like a lot of other peoples pictures so they might like one of your pic... Read More »