Facebook keeps logging me out and says there was spam?

Answer Do you guys use the Unfriend Finder plugin? Others are reporting that it's the cause of this error (I was getting it too). Just disable it for now until the developer resolves the issue.

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Facebook keeps blocking me due to spam, I didn't even post Read details below.?

At upper right of FB page click on the Gear>Help>Report a Problem. The great thing about FB, unlike Yahoo, they really do look into a problem and contact you about it.

Is there a way to stop the spam on facebook?

Send them a message asking them to stop or you will unfriend and block them.~

How can you stop others from logging onto your computer I shut down and it says there are others logged onto?

do you use a wireless router? if yes, password protect it so that others cant steal your internet connection.But from what i know, what happens to you is that someone else has also logged onto your... Read More »

I want a facebook, but im scared to get one b/c my dad says there are a lot of bad things that happen there.?