Facebook isn't sending updates to my cell phone?

Answer FB was having updates for the past few days and I could'nt even get on yesterday..That may be what happened to you,just a glitch till your page is updated..

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How do you block your cell phone number when sending a text message?

If you're texting from your cell phone, you can't (well, not legally, at least). You could use a web-to-text service like VText, but that requires internet access.

My cell phone for bell isnt working my screen dosnt show display so i cant do anythign?

You may qualify for an upgrade. Just call em.

What does the cell phone on facebook chat mean?

It means that they're logged in facebook by using their mobile phones

How to Upload Images to Facebook With a Cell Phone?

We've all probably taken pictures of our friends on a phone. You may find yourself wanting to upload those images onto Facebook account. This article will help you do so.