Facebook- is this real?

Answer I'm 100% sure this doesn't work. You can tell from what they tell you to do, how is inviting people to a group relevant to knowing whose visiting your profile?Also, it is against facebook's privacy... Read More »

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Is this facebook message for real?

no, it's definitely not for real, I got one of those ages ago from hotmail, I didn't forward it and absolutely nothing happen.Plus it would make no sense from facebook: it may not spread to everyon... Read More »

Facebook freinds in real life?

You might have activated the BEST FRIEND option (star marked). Or, your interactions with your close friends are easily visible by other fb friends.

How to Post to Facebook With Real Player?

RealPlayer is a free media player that can be used to play, download, organize and share your media. You can download and play music videos, transfer music to portable devices and share content on ... Read More »

What's Anthony padillas real Facebook?