Facebook, is it better than myspace?

Answer better by far my friend.there are more facebook users than my space, it's just need to tipe your friend's name that's it.

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Is facebook better than myspace?

myspace is wicked if your into music but facebook is loads better if you wana chat to your mates and it does alot more little things to. i jave both and to be honest i only use myspace for music.

Can you give me tips on signing up on facebook or tell me why it's better than Myspace?

I prefer facebook because it appears more organized. Myspace, although it gives you more options to 'personalize' your profile, I swear I get a headache looking at some people's profiles lol. Backg... Read More »

Is myspace safer than facebook?

No, its the other way around.Myspace is infested with two things.... 13 year old girls and 40 year old men trying to pick them up. Throw in a bunch of porn stars, a few musicians and a handful of u... Read More »

Is facebook safer than myspace?

honestly, as long as you're on the internet, it ain't safer, common misconception thanks to very good advertising from FB. Myspace has a bad rap too cause of the media, more can be done either way ... Read More »